Still Learning

The learning never stops:

It has been exactly a month I shared my most recent blog post on this website. I talked about a couple of trips where I was practicing some long exposure techniques that I picked up from reading a few great photography books. Since then, I kept taking my little trips over the weekend and sometimes during the week if I am photographing at night. I also picked up a couple of more books that I am enjoying.

In this post, I will share the highlights of the last 30 days, which will be accompanied by photographs to bring the little stories to life. Here we go.

Something different:

Following my long exposure photography trips that I talked about in the last post, I built a little setup to capture a different kind of photographs that relies on controlling the shutter speed. My goal was to capture falling fruits inside a small tank of water (Sparkling water if I am to be honest. Gotta get those bubbles). I have seen this kind of photographs many times before and I have never thought about taking similar ones. Until, someone explained the steps he takes to make such photos in one of the books I read. I ran to the crafts and arts store and bought colored papers that will act as a background, a small glass tank. Then took off to the supermarket and bought a bunch of fresh fruits, and sparkling water. A couple hundred photographs later, below are a few of my favorites:

Star trails:

From the same balcony, I decided to make an attempt at photographing star trails. Again, with the knowledge absorbed from my books and online photography courses, I knew exactly what to do to get the correct the correct camera settings to capture the stars moving in a super clear night sky. I was a little worried about light pollution since I was doing this from my balcony and the area was surrounded with artificial lights.

My exposures were 25 seconds long each and took about 150 photos thanks to my remote shutter release. And of course I stacked all the photos using the amazing piece of software StarStax. Below is the outcome:

Downtown Houston:

On different overcast day, I decided to go to Downtown Houston and just see whether or not I can get some keepers. This was an interesting one. I am not really used to taking photographs in places where there are many people, so I found it really challenging to photograph people. Instead, I decided to just wander around and snap a photo of whatever catches my eye. I was surprised of the results.

Rust and stuff:

Yeah, I think the photos from my last 2 trips are cool