Update and 2018 Photography Goals

Hello again good fiends!

A new year, a new post. First off, Happy New Year! I hope everyone is ready to make 2018 their best year yet. This is going to be somewhat a short post, simply because nothing really exciting has been going on, other than my still ongoing hunger to learn more about photography.

Right off the bat, I would love to mention that I have finished reading The Photographer’s Eye. A book that I highly recommend for beginner photographers. It is a great way to understand composition and the different “techniques” that will make your photographs more appealing. Speaking of books, I have also picked up and finished reading Getting Your Shot: Stunning Photos, How-to Tips, and Endless Inspiration From the Pros. Another amazing book that is full of inspiration from various types of photographers with helpful tips and technical details about the shots. In addition to that, currently, I am reading The Short Story of Art. A book that I am enjoying so far and is somehow eye opening -For me at least, as someone who never really understood art and all the history behind it-.

As far as 2018 goals go, I have already talked about this in details in one of my previous posts. In a nutshell, I am hoping to take as many photography trips as possible. I am super pumped to step up my landscape photography game and share awesome content with you guys. Also, I am considering investing in some higher quality gear, which I am sure would be worth it.

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Below are some photographs I have taken during one of the photography assignments. I have located a bunch of assignments online and committed to complete them one by one.