Trip to a Local Park

Submerging myself into art

As some of you might already know from reading my other posts, I have been immersing myself in everything landscape photography and art related. This includes reading books, watching Youtube videos, taking online classes, looking at art online and trying to interpret it my way, and recently watching Netflix documentaries. This has been a real challenge because of my time constraints and my full time job in the IT field.

Saturday, December the 16th 2017, was an overcast and quite gloomy day. I got a little bored from staying in front of the computer most of the morning and decided to grab my camera and head to a few local parks. But before I just take off, I looked up “Local parks” in Google Maps and scrolled through some photos of parks that are closest to me.

Nothing really interesting but I just felt the urge to grab the my camera and photograph things. Again, I have a humongous thirst for knowledge and I am trying to grasp everything I could. Sometimes, I just can’t wait to get out there and practice everything I am learning.

Now, the park would have been uninteresting and not photograph-worthy if I’d visited it a few months back, especially on a gloomy day such as last Saturday. But, as I was walking around, I noticed I was taking a completely different approach to taking photos. I felt like I was “Composition-aware” and carefully thinking about every photo before I take it.

Park photograph

Honestly, I am pretty impressed with what I was able to capture in a park that I wouldn’t have even considered visiting a couple of months ago. Being aware of composition/design rules definitely plays a huge role on how the pictures turn out. Before you know it, you start to figure out how elements compliment each other and how you can use that to you advantage. You pay close attention to points, lines and shapes and how these 3 elements are the foundation of most of the photographs we take. You also improve your ability to understand lighting better and manipulate it to work to your benefit.

I am going to be taking more of these mini trips working on sharpening my overall Landscape photography skills. In the meantime, I will be planning my bigger trips that I have discussed in a couple of my blog posts.

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