Planning my biggest photography trip yet (Road trip)

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The Story

I remember making the decision to visit the U.S. to go to college like it was yesterday. A teenager full of energy and spirit to adventure and conquer the world. I have always had that in me. I still remember all the camping and hiking trips I took back when I was younger, and how I was keen on being outdoors. Going hunting with my brother when I was a kid was one of my favorite activities. My love for adventure grew bigger, and the U.S. was my dream destination. College was nothing but an excuse. I wanted to meet different people and go places everyone my age that I knew fantasized about.

I got my fair share of traveling within the U.S. of course. But when life hits you, it becomes a challenge to keep focusing on the main purpose of the main missions, adventuring and going to new places.

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Don’t get me wrong, I do love my job. The IT field is another passion of mine, and when I am not outdoors or getting inspired to travel, I will be doing be doing IT stuff. Although, I keep having this feeling of a missing element in my life. There is always that desire to be outside, explore the world and meet new people. Taking landscape photographs seems to fill that void for me and goal is to keep doing that as much as I can.

I have mentioned in my previous blog post that I have never been to a National Park before. I have been spending a significant amount of time trying to plan a photography/road trip based on where I am geographically located at the moment, Houston, Texas.

The Plan

The sole purpose of this trip is to visit some of the greatest photography spots in the States, and take the best photographs I possibly could. I also plan to visit some of the hidden gems that not so many people know of or get to visit and take original photographs. I know that this plan is a little too ambitious, but I promise that I am devoting a lot of time and effort towards making the trip happen.

Some of the places I have in mind are, Big Bend National Park, Sands National Monuments, Grand Canyon (Beaver Falls and Havasu Creek), Lake Powell, Zion National Park, Blue Lakes, and Great Sand Dunes Park.

I know it is not all National Parks, but these are the most significant spots I could visit based on the research I made. Please feel free to suggest more or give any kind of insights. Drop a comment and let me know what you think. Also, follow me on Social Media to stay up to date with what I am doing.

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