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Ifrane, Morocco

Photography locations bucket list

As an aspiring amateur landscape photographer, I spend a big chunk of my time online on Instagram, 500px, Flickr and many other photography websites getting inspiration from fellow photographers. Because of how perfectly executed these shots are and how pleasing to the eye they are, I have managed to compile my ideal Photography Locations bucket list.

Ladies and gentlemen, the following is the list of all the photography locations I will be working very hard busting my butt to visit/make happen in the future.


1- First and foremost, visiting all U.S. National Parks has always been on the top of my bucket list, whether or not I add landscape photography to the equation. Some of the greatest landscape photographs I keep seeing online are taken in National Parks. To give a few examples, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks are just out of this world.

Now, I am ashamed to say this, but I have never to a National Park before, and this item of my bucket list is quite ambitious, but I can easily see myself visiting most of the 59 National Parks in the near future.

2- Another part of the world I get so excited about when it comes to photography is Southeast Asia. Simply thinking about submerging myself in the cultures of countries like Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia and getting a chance to photograph unique landscapes is fascinating. Again, this is another area of the globe that has a higher priority in my photography locations bucket list.

3- British Columbia. My brother has recently gone on a solo backpacking to British Columbia and was envious of the photographs he was able to take. The main reason BC is on my list is to be able to recreate some of the most iconic photos of the some of the most beautiful lakes in the Americas.

4- Last but not least, Patagonia, South America has to make it in the list. The landscape’s diversity in this place makes it one of the main destinations for landscape photographer from all over the glove. Mountains, Hills, Lakes, Ice caps and everything in between can be found and photographed here.

As an effort to improve my photography skills, I am taking a bunch of classes, and working on a few projects to get the most amount of practice possible. Because once the opportunity presents itself and I get a chance to visit any one of these places, I’d better be ready to capture some epic content.

Is any one of the places above in your bucket list? Go to my Instagram page and tag me in some of those places.