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My non-inclusive camping gear list

In this blog post, I decided to share with you a list of the camping gear in my possession. This list is not inclusive and I may be missing things that were not easily accessible while making this post or just completely I forgot I own them.

Most of the gear have been purchased about a year and a half ago all at once, except for a few items.

One of the main things I took into consideration while making these purchases was the cost. I did not want to go crazy and drop a significant sum of money and taking a big hit on my bank account.

By taking a few camping trips, I am starting to get a better idea of what else, I need, what should I get rid of and what should I replace and invest more money.

My list is and going to be constantly changing after every camping trip, which is why I expect to make multiple versions of this post. The plan is to create a new post of this kind every time I think enough change has happened to the list to make the blog post more exciting.

Without further ado, below is a list of the camping gear I am currently using, along with some random shots of a few items:

Camping gear list
Camping Gear List

1- Canon Rebel t6

2- 30 degrees Mummy sleeping bag

3- Tarp

4- Blowup mattress

5- 3 person Coleman Hooligan tent

6- Kitchen ware

7- Coleman butane/propane mix can

8- Etekcity stove head

9- Outlite flashlight

10- Ozark trail ponchos   

11- Matches

12- 2 Etekcity lamps

13- Garmin VEVO active hr

14- Fire kit

15- Bahco saw

16- Knife

17- Rose kuli multi tool

18- Canon battery charger

19- My passport external hard drive

20- iPhone 6S

21- Insignia wired universal shutter remote

22- Backpack

23- First aid kit

24- Portable battery bank