In the beginning of this year, I got a chance to visit Mexico (Yucatan peninsula area) for a good week. The goal of my trip was strictly recreational and I just wanted to take some time off of work.

Mexico offered so many options as far as Places to Go and Things to Do around the area. I have enjoyed the beaches in Cancun, some of the Mayan ruins including Chichen Itza and Tulum. But the one thing that amazed me the most was the Cenotes or sinkholes. I actually got a chance to swim in Cenote Ik Kil and the experience was amazing.

A few miles out of Ik Kil, I visited another sinkhole, Cenote X’toloc, where swimming was not allowed. I heard somewhere that when the Mayans played their famous ballgame “Pitz”, they decapitated the winner team captain’s head to honor him, and threw the body in Cenote X’toloc. Freaky stuff right!

I would definitely go back if I get the chance!

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